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Hot Chip - DJ-Kicks (2007). RapidShare.COM
Hot Chip - DJ-Kicks (2007). RapidShare.COM
Date: 16 Sep 2007, 04:41
Password: sharedmp3.net
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artist ú hot chip
release ú dj-kicks
year ú 2007
genre ú electronic
label ú !k7 records
[CENSORED]ue ú !k7213lp
website ú www.k7.com

date ú 13-jun-2007
quality ú -v2 --vbr-new
source ú vinyl


a1 grovesnor - nitemoves 5:40
a2 new order - bizarre love triangle (shep pettibone 6:42
extended remix)
a3 grauzone - film 2 3:37
b1 black devil disco club - on just foot 5:06
b2 subway - persuasion 6:07
b3 lanark - the stone that the builder rejected 6:55
c1 gramme - like you 4:11
c2 soundhack - b1 4:58
c3 audion - just fucking (roman flugel's 23 positions in one 5:31
night stand remix)
d1 positive k - i got a man 3:47
d2 wookie - far east 4:48
d3 noze - love affair 6:06

playtime ú 01h 03m 28s


their first album, coming on strong (2004), did just that, but
their second album, the mercury nominated the warning (2006), took
their sonic tonics to another level.
so what happens when they transpose their musical tastes into the
realms of the dj? in the hands of lesser talents such an eclectic
mixture of sounds, textures and grooves could end up a bit of a
mess. mercifully, as they demonstrated on the warning, hot chip
have an uncanny knack of taking all manner of cultural flotsam and
jetsam and shaping it into something incredible.

and so it is with their first contribution to the don of all dj
mix projects, !k7's evergreen dj kicks series. a sublime journey
through the dusty crevices of hot chip's 10-legged record
collection it manages to take in wonky electro-pop, detroit
techno, balearica, off-kilter house, hip hop, mellifluous
drum'n'bass, r'n'b, blues, jazz and joe jackson without ever
sounding contrived or hackneyed. in fact it's the soundtrack to
the best house party you've never been to. or something like that.

'it's random,' admits hot chip drummer felix martin, 'but we
arrived at the track listing in a democratic fashion, and i have
to say, that i think it's representative of the different
influences that make up the band.'

that means the nods to the dancefloor arrive courtesy of regular
dj felix ('that's where i'm coming from,' he admits), while
frontman alexis, who's also partial to a bit of deck manipulation,
provides the quirkier side of the 24 track shindig.

'we're djs at the opposite end of the spectrum,' felix explains.
'when alexis plays out you're likely to hear harold faltermeyer's
fletch soundtrack, some brian eno and then some hip hop. i like
house and techno. it makes for quite a schizo mix, but that's the
way we are as a group.'

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